Starting summer 2007 Lionheart Sounds will be donating 30% of all of our proceeds to assist with development projects in Africa and the Carribean. Our main goal is to support organizations that focus on education as a way to give young people the ability to be self sufficient and ultimately serve and uplift their communities. For now we are partnered with The Ethiopian Library & Information Foundation for Education (eLIFE), which is currently working to build, stock, and maintain public libraries in Ethiopia, (, and The Jamaica Africa Development Assosciation, ( which is currently helping to outfit schools and health clinics in Jamaica with supplies. Please keep an eye on their works, as their is much to come, and consider donating or volunteering. The potential that we have to truly help people who do not have resources at their finger tips is truly powerful and it is up to us to take the steps to do so.
Lionheart Sounds is also willing to donate CD's to various projects, (especially in developing nations), for fund raising purposes. If anyone is interested please contact up through the email on the contacts page.