Reap What You Sow - Spring 2009

This mixtape is a reminder of the immense spiritual power that we carry as human beings. Truly what we meditate on and work towards we can manifest. Within this innerstanding we must be extremely careful about where we let our minds travel, as the potential to exploit our innate power is studied and acted upon. The majority of media we face in modern society seeks to guide and control us; harvesting our essential force for agendas of suppression. In particular we warn against the support of political campaigns and politicians as they seek to sway our thoughts about the true nature of power and action. Do not put your hope or faith in any human who tells you that they will make change for you. Take back unto thyself the will and the clarity to truly work in the spirit of upliftment...

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Reap What You Sow Mix

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Lionheart Sounds presents Reap What You Sow hosted by Arkaingelle

1) Reap What You Sow Intro

2) Arkaingelle (GY)- From A Long Time - Repatriation Sounds Productions (MA)

3) Illusions Interlude

3) Stephen Marley (JA)- Chase Dem - Tuff Gong International (JA)

4) Morgan Heritage (JA) - Politician - Juke Box Productions (JA)

Reap What U Sow - Penthouse Records (JA)

5) Morgan Heritage (JA) & Buju Banton (JA) - Reap WHat U Sow
6) Arkaingelle - I Want U To Know
7) Rasta Taking Over Interlude

Sledge Riddm

8) Lutan Fyah (JA) & Morgan Heritage - Rasta Set The Trend
9) Kello (JA) - Hungry Belly
10) Ras Penco (JA) - Sledge Hammer

11) Ras Penco - Free - Notice Productions (JA)

Play Again - Conscious Riddims (HI)/Royal Concert Productions (JA)

12) Tuff Lion (VA) - The Truth Will Make Man Free
13) Ishence (CA) - Current Of Oppression
14) Biblical (CA) - Remain Calm
15) King David (JA) - Unconditional Love

Spread Dat Love - High Fly Music (FR)

16) Lorenzo (JA)- Spread Dat Love
17) I Lue (JA) - Rastafari Children
18) Narrow Road Interlude

19) Natural Black (Guyana)- Can't Lead I Astray - Dill Ox Inta (JA)

Nylon - Juke Boxx Productions (JA)

20) Queen Ifrica (JA) - Dem Nah Learn
21) Assassin (JA)- Only God Knows
22) Tribulation Interlude

Grape Vine - Studio 53 (TNT)

23) I Sasha (TNT)- Heavy Burden
24) Ruben (TNT) - Got To Rise
25) Daniel Bless (TNT) - Makes Preparation

Every Day - Adonai Music (DE)

26) Million Stylez (SE) - Every Day
27) Cornadoor (DE) - Long Road
28) Ziggi (BE) - What Do You Stand For
29) YT (UK) - Mr Politician
30) Illusions Interlude

31) Hyah Slyce (JA) - Dem Gone - Coppershot Production (JA)

World Go Round - Itation Records (CA)

32) Delly Ranks (JA) - Wish Good
33) Chezidek (JA) - The Way You LIve
34) Kali Blaxx (JA) - Free Up Your Mind

Obama Riddim - Hard Drive Productions

35) Blessed - Jah Lift Me Up

36) Ras Zachari - Rise My People - One People Productions (DK)

No Gunshot - Greensphere Records

37) Arkaingelle (GY) - One In A Million
38) Batch (VI) - No Gunshot
39) Mada Nile (VI) - Like To See
40) WInstrong (SR) - Heavy Load
41) Natty Rebel - Hold Strong Interlude

42) Blaak Lung (CA) & Luv Fyah(CA) - Destination Roots Man - Greensphere Records

43) Cali P (GP) & Ras Charmer (JA) - Settle The Score - Pow Pow Productions

44) Alborosie (IT)- Diversity - Forward Recordings

45) Reap What U Sow Outro

46) Arkaingelle - Givin Tanx - Greensphere Records